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Health & Safety

Lumini Progress has a

Health and Safety

policy in place in order to protect both its Staff and Service users. Staff are trained in many different areas to ensure the safe practice is carried out at all times, for example, Manual Handling, Food Hygiene, Health and Safety etc. Staff members also receive training in safe handling of challenging situations. This is to ensure matters are dealt with quickly and safely ensuring no harm is caused to themselves or the other service users.

Lumini Progress also has a number of policies and procedures in place which focus on protecting individual’s using our service. For example, we have a policy to ‘Protect Individuals from Abuse’. We constantly strive to prevent abuse of any kind e.g. financial, psychological or physical abuse. We also have a ‘Whistle Blowing Policy in place to encourage all individuals, both Staff and Service User, to report any wrong-doing of any kind.

Risk assessments are performed for each Tenant in accordance with C.P.I Care’s Risk Assessment Policy. Tenants also have a responsibility to safeguard the home and keep it free from dangers to other Tenants, Staff or people visiting the home.