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Aims & Objectives

Our aim at Lumini Progress is to promote the highest standard of service to our Tenants/Service Users and provide a facility which meets the exact needs of the individual.

To reach our goal we have set the following company objectives:

To provide a friendly homely atmosphere

To provide a positive and enjoyable lifestyle for the service users

To build up trusting and open relationships with the service users

To ensure that the dignity and privacy of the individual is respected at all times

To liaise with service users, all professionals and the team to ensure we meet the service users’ needs

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kamagra oral jelly uk sales To provide a service that meets the individual’s requirements as well as providing opportunities for them to develop new skills and friendships

To encourage and enable individuals to make full use of amenities within the local community

To ensure the service is monitored on a regular basis in order to maintain the highest possible standard of service and support

To ensure team working to continue and to become an effective and cohesive body of support to the service users

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