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LUMINI PROGRESS Lumini Progress service provides specialist support to young people (16-25) including those with learning difficulties, challenging behaviour and those with mental health needs. Our team of in-house experts are able to create specialist packages of care within a supported living environment. Each package of care is designed with the individual at the centre and encouraging to take ownership. This is holistic in its approach and tailored to their needs. In addition to meeting the needs of the individual’s, each package also identifies goals for development and help improve skills and overall quality of life.
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loette costo individuals with high support needs including challenging behaviour. Adding to our ethos of a holistic approach we have our very own development centres designed to provide enjoyable and meaningful activities to enable personal growth. There are many recognised approaches to working with individuals with learning disabilities, we have our own in house trainers to ensure all our staff are skilled and knowledgeable in providing the best possible service to our clients and working towards ensuring a positive and successful outcome.